Honestly Pure Mesjokke Package (3-Pack)

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Three Mesjokke bars in one package. Three times dark, three times 72% cacao, three times single origin; but three times a different origin for the beans we use. Taste the origin and terroir of the cacao and join us on our expedition through the world of specialty cacao.

Available in 40 gram and 80 gram bars


Mesjokke D.A.R.C. Angel (72% dark chocolate with cacao from La Dalia (Nicaragua). Earthy, nutty, fruity, powerful)

Mesjokke Swingin' Sunrise (72% dark chocolate with cacao from the Kilombero valley (Tanzania). Complex: Red fruits, acidity, warm flavours of dark chocolate and spices, soft finish) 

- Mesjokke Limited Edition #2 (72% dark chocolate with cacao from Auro Chocolate in the Philippines. Exclusive bar in limited edition. Complex: Fruits, honey, slight acidity, bitter and dark flavours) 

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