Totally Mesjokke chocolate package 80 gram

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Al our 80 gram bars in one package:

- Mesjokke Natural Blonde (40% "white chocolate", made with natural cocoa butter, palmsugar, whey powder and fennel seeds. Intense, mildly sweet, hint of anice)

- Mesjokke Stardust (50% milk chocolate with cocoa from the Sambirano valley (Madagascar), Muscovado sugar from Mauritius en 'fleur de sel' from La Guérande (France). Fruity, sour, caramel, hint of salt)

- Mesjokke D.A.R.C. Angel (72% dark chocolate with cocoa from La Dalia (Nicaragua). Earthy, nutty, powerful, fruity)

- Mesjokke Swingin' Sunrise (72% dark chocolate with cocoa from the Kilombero valley (Tanzania). Complex, red fruit, sour, warm, spicy, smooth finish)

- Mesjokke Limited Edition #1 Belize (72% dark chocolate with cocoa from varying origine. For the first edition, we are working with a cocoa from Maya Mountain, Belize. Tropical fruit, sour, spicy, smooth en sweet finish) ONLY AVAILABLE IN DUTCH WRAPPER

- Mesjokke Winter Spiced D.A.R.C. Angel (72% dark chocoalte with cocoa from La Dalia (Nicaragua) and winter spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, etc.) Earthy, powerful, spicy, winter vibes)

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